Welcome to Alfred Slote’s official website! Here he’s republishing his out-of-print children’s books, like ‘Jake,’ ‘Hang Tough, Paul Mather,’ and ‘My Robot Buddy’. Series By Alfred Slote; Books By Alfred Slote Similar Authors To Alfred Slote . Garnet R. Garrison, A.H. Garnet, Alfred Slote. from: $ · Jake. Alfred Slote. Once upon a time, I loved Alfred Slote so much that every bookstore trip The boy was named Jake Wrather, a brash Little League catcher.

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When they were in danger of falling apart, I could keep them together. Would you like to stay for supper?

Does this sound like bragging? She was reading the paper, oblivious to it all. Claudia rated it it was amazing Apr 01, Rachel marked it as to-read Nov 06, I never knew my father who soote me my last name, and my mother left two years ago to visit down south and never came back. She just turned the pages of her newspaper.

Retrieved July 14, Jake gets into trouble with his uncle and also the rival team’s sponsor. But Slote is very good at pacing sports stories and having his young protagonists feel real.

We were making a real sloe out of him, and in just a few minutes we were going to pay a price for it. Mather was a Little League star battling leukemia and hoping to stay healthy enough to pitch in the playoffs. Retrieved from ” https: I like the fact that the focus wasn’t on Jake being black or poor- the main focus was his and his friends wanting to play baseball as a team and that he was their undisputed leader.


He turned to nake. We were loose now. Really great young adult novel. September 11, Popular Writer of Books for Children”. Matt rated it really liked it May 05, A mean-type father-coach, I thought.

JAKE by Alfred Slote | Kirkus Reviews

I looked everywhere and came up empty. You manhandle the team you can manhandle. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Why did I quit before I finished?

The relatives in the stands started shouting too, that we were stalling. Maybe I wanted to be alred with him. Jake, directed by Jon Hock. I was playing the position like a softball third baseman in a fast pitch game. You just had to hope. Books by Alfred Slote.

Catching Jerry had made John the best fielding catcher in the eleven-year-old league. That skull tag straightened him out just the way it did the runner — only for a good purpose. Most teams carry fifteen or sixteen players because when summer vacation starts, kids go to camp. It had taken little John three whole games to figure out that a shovel ball was a ball that digs holes in front of the plate before it hopped up and hit you in the neck.


Refresh and try again. Jake by Alfred Slote. He was quick as a cat. There he was … the great Alfred Slote. Devan Mitchell rated it it was amazing Mar 09, I found my glove in a department store when no one was looking. No sooner did we get together than Mr.

30 for 30 Short: ‘Jake’

With no runner on base I moved down the line again until I was only fifteen feet away from Esch. Maybe I wanted to see Jake come to life.

It was either break up the team or get Mrs. At shortstop Danny Kohl shuffled his feet nervously. The memory was real. I never knew why Slote stopped writing for two years inafter I had already devoured everything, then made his triumphant return in with … a tennis book? These guys are nothings. And Jake and Lenny make a super team Lenny used to play semi-pro himselfbut the spotlight is on the Print-Alls who are in first place in the Arborville eleven-year-old league and in trouble.

Fulton, up until a little while ago, was the coach of our Little League team.