Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. Jakob von Gunten has ratings and reviews. Gaurav said: Jakob von GuntenRobert WalserJakob von Gunten dissects the remote and vulnerable regi.. . Among Walser’s works available in English are Berlin Stories and Jakob von Gunten (both available as NYRB classics), Thirty Poems, The Walk, The Tanners, .

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Jakob Von Gunten – Robert Walser – Google Books

Poi di solito entra e si compra qualche soldo di dolci. Perlmann set the book aside. The generations of men losing the gjnten of life with all their treatises and understandings and knowledge It is so down-to-earth and logical. It is my opinion that Walser turned the internal struggles of every man on to the surface. Their the list is not complete, but the weight of these names should denote the intent work is so immense and so rich, it suffices to be a near comprehensive study in itself.

Jakob von Gunten by Robert Walser | : Books

La masa es el esclavo de nuestro tiempo, y el individuo, el esclavo de la grandiosa idea de masa. New York Review of Books- Fiction – pages.

A chi danno da mangiare le conquiste spirituali? Written by Robert Walser, as quoted by J. Jakob and Herr Benjamenta. Was it a love story?

The pupils are trained as servants with the aim of securing a job. Jan 30, Jonfaith rated it liked it. Was it a coming of age story? Or is he saying that nobility of the soul is a sham? A principle of the Institute is: The entire book is a parade of seeming contradictions. I told him jkaob that I wanted to be his pupil.


Jakob does not feel inferior.

It did not surprise me that Jakob did the same within a page. Jakob, with his bourgeois intellect, enters the Benjamenta Institute and soon contrives to become a mystery to himself.

When Jakob is supposed to become the friend and confidante of the headmaster the pupil is hesitant. Jakob and fraulein Benjamenta: Sure enough there were a couple of hits. Sovrani, nulla fanno per porle un rimedio e neppure per commentarla. And if you don’t get yourself through the entire book you never get to the part when Jakob says, ” The smell of entlish grass, the sound of cows tearing green stalks, rain on your face, the wind in your ears. Then he put the book back on the shelf.

Jakob von Gunten

Jakob’s voice is that of a child and yet he is also emphatically not a child. Tell me, do you know how to gumten The students though subject to fierce discipline, come and go at will.

When I see a painting in a gallery or museum I avoid at all costs the name of the artist until I have experienced and been impacted by the work itself.

He respects the people of the Benjamenta Gunnten. Walser, though not a nakob, manages to convey similar feelings, a bit ahead of time, and from a bit of a bourgeois lens.

He is highly self-critical perhaps to the extent of Dostoyevsky’ s character in The Underground Man and Confessions of Rousseau. Books by Robert Walser. Our hero Jakob, a precocious middle-class teenager who runs away from the comforts of home and submits himself to the Benjamenta Institute to learn to be a servant, goes back and forth himself on his preference for being the master or the servant.


Jan 11, guntsn added it Shelves: The first sentence took his breath away: How could it possibly take me longer to read pages than for him to walk miles? In tutta l’opera di Walser ricorrono alcuni oggetti che si fanno simboli della sua jwkob e della sua prosa.

It is obvious this man has been successful in business. The mumbling of a grumbler is lovelier to me than the murmuring of a woodland stream. Non enunciano nulla di proprio, non vogliono modificazioni. Here’s the cover of the Vintage Books trade paperback I have pages. Returned to Switzerland on foot I have to check to see: You know the style: Since his death inhowever, Walser has been recognized as German Switzerland’s leading author of the first half of the twent Robert Walser, a German-Swiss prose writer and novelist, enjoyed high repute among a select group of authors and critics in Berlin early in his career, only to become nearly forgotten by the time he committed himself to the Waldau mental clinic in Bern in January As a new pupil Jakob is tested by the headmaster.

Let it all dream, let it all sleep. Certamente non ha ancora mai pensato alla vita, e a che scopo, del resto? View all 20 comments.