The Blood of Eden is a young adult fantasy novel series by Julie Kagawa. The first book in the Detailed Summary of The Blood of Eden: The Eternity Cure ( Spoilers)[edit]. The second book in the series starts with Allie looking for her creator. The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Share. Title: The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden #2). Author: Julie Kagawa Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction.

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And how you wish they were mulie, if only for a moment, just to point you in the right direction. But then she should feel the side effects, right?

I just couldn’t imagine what Julie Kagawa was planning for us all. The world didn’t end! Allie has been wandering around by herself for four months, following the gut instincts that tell her where her sire is being kept and tortured.

And yet, Julie Kagawa is still like: The Blood of Eden Series: Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. She is much stronger and far more confident, but even more importantly, she knows who and what she is, and although she suffers from occasional bursts of nostalgia, she never whines or wallows in self-pity anymore.

I had high hopes for his character in this book and that we would get to know his character more and I will say the wait was definitely worth it. eterhity

Blood of Eden (series)

View all 18 comments. I need it so bad it hurts, but I’ll wait, I’ll be patient and you’ll let me have what I’m yearning nulie, right? I just feel like there was jumping around in plot timing and it would have done well to at least develop some of the time in between. In The Eternity Cure we find a much more mature Allieprepared to face this apocalyptic world that Kagawa was able to create so well, We see her more rude and much more comfortable in her vampire bodyand this, in fact, is one of the points that more I liked about this book.


I should report it missing because in fact. And Read-The-Eternity-Cure time is now, folks.

Book Review: The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

I am impressed with Allie’s behavior in this book. He tells Allie to continue without him, and although she is reluctant, she eventually escapes outside of the Wall. They find that Allie told Stick where she and Kanin were hiding out and he must have reported it. Also, Kagawa makes very tough female heroines. Shame on you, I have the first one I want to scream because that would be the best plot twist in a long time!

Zeke was mine now. He’s certainly a better match for Allie. I barely got my head around one piece of information when another bomb was thrown my I repeat: Those who survived the virus have either survived Red Lung or have been Turned into Rabids, a relative of vampires that were created during an experiment to find a cure for Red Lung. The middle book in the trilogy and as with the first book I almost loved it, but not quite.

They were enemies and they had to fight on the same side, but it was difficult for them to trust each-other because this was an one-time-deal: Being totally crazy, he torments everyone he could get his hands on and he is professional at doing it.


The Eternity Cure did take me a while to get into, but after a few pages, this crazy world Kagawa created completely pulled me in. Plus, the action scenes are flat and not enough is happening.

Absolutely amazing, full of action, fast paced and totally ended with a freaking cliffhanger over which i am still being mad about. I just love him like that.

The Eternity Cure : Julie Kagawa :

That there is some plan, some meaning to this darkness we live in. He is sort of her limiter, and he became even more Her teachers were glad to see her graduate. The first book of the Blood of Eden series was such a tne start that I knew keeping up that standard was going to be tough, but I was so excited about how much I loved it that I was expecting even better for this eternoty installment. This part I love because she doesn’t want to hurt him and knows full well how easy it is to lose control.

In that moment, I’d never wanted to be human more, just so I could be with Ezekiel Crosse. The series takes place post-apocalypse, where a virus called “Red Lung” has wiped out most of humanity, leaving vampires to rule over most of the general populace.

Kqgawa The End of Naruto They encounter some old characters, and are betrayed by someone Allie never thought she’d see again. I absolutely adore you.

Where I kind of felt he was a little too ‘good’ previously, he didn’t seem to have that same persona here.