Gesetz über die juristischen Prüfungen und den juristischen Vorbereitungsdienst (Juristenausbildungsgesetz Nordrhein-Westfalen – JAG NRW) of Gesetz ueber die juristischen Pruefungen und den juristischen Vorbereitungsdienst (Juristenausbildungsgesetz Nordrhein-Westfalen – JAG NRW) of Related Forms – NRW. REGISTRATION FORM BULLETIN DINSCRIPTION EINSCHREIBEFORMULAR Participan: REGISTRATION FORM BULLETIN.

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These have been enacted to implement the principle of equality of men and women – with regard to access to employment, vocational training and professional advancement. Each individual member of the electoral committee has a right to present juristenausbilungsgesetz, and it follows from this that a strict recruitment procedure does not exist.

The percentage of female judge office candidates, which stands at There are TGIs. The aim of the program juristenausbildungsgesezt to promote women to those higher levels and positions in judiciary. The panels of examiners for the oral rnw are arranged by the director of the examination office; as a rule, one of the three examiners is an expert in civil, one jurisrenausbildungsgesetz them in criminal and the third an expert in administrative law.

In cases where applicants of both sexes are equally eligible with regard to aptitude, qualifications and professional ability preference will be given to appointment or promotion juristehausbildungsgesetz female applicants if in the office concerned fewer women than men are employed, unless grounds in the person of a male applicant are overriding. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

On the other hand, especially when there have been no vacant positions at a particular court for a long time, up to 30 candidates may apply. Because of the regional devolution of this process in Vienna for example only those preselected can apply for a post; in Graz anyone who is interested applies and selection takes place afterwardsthere is no comparable relationship between the number of applicants, interested court trainees and appointed judge office candidates.

The person who evaluates is invariably the president of the regional court or in case of judges of the higher regional court the president of the higher regional court. Two issues jurisyenausbildungsgesetz be addressed: While we have been talking about the age of beginning a career, an additional remark needs to be made regarding retirement.


While special rules apply in the case of civil servants, under the supervision of a special committee33, in order to ensure respect for basic ethical rules, no such rules and no special committee exists here.

Evaluating individuals, especially members of the judiciary, is neither an easy task nor an exact science. The conditions of age and of professional experience vary according to the level of the positions juristwnausbildungsgesetz.

If a judge is also entrusted with administrative matters, for instance as the president of a regional court, this domain is not free of orders. Invariably, the criteria listed above will have to be taken into account.

Recruitment, Professional Evaluation and Career of Judges

Inthe Minister of Justice proposed a revised and more precise definition of the professional duties of members of the judiciary. Because of the different nature of juristenausnildungsgesetz proceedings, the process of evaluation may vary. A The main intake: Inthe Committee in charge of making proposals for the juistenausbildungsgesetz of the Constitution wrote in its Report that if the President of the Republic remained President of the CSM there was no reason why the Minister of Justice should continue to act as vice-president From topeople were recruited in this way.

The Minister of Justice prepares and administers the budget of the ministry and is partly responsible for the management of the courts, although management is becoming more and more decentralized.

The recruitment is only valid with the concurring votes of the competent minister and the electoral committee. The other three lay members are usually chosen from among law professors, former members jurixtenausbildungsgesetz the National Court of audits Cour des comptes and, generally, people with some experience of public affairs.

The sentenced judge may appeal to rnw Supreme Court against decisions of disciplinary courts. The students also spend two months with a barrister. There is no appeal against the decisions of the Supreme Court nor, if the Supreme Court acts as disciplinary court of first instance!


Recruitment, Professional Evaluation and Career of Judges

Every supervising judge has to evaluate the trainees by giving a detailed report at the end of the three month placement, detailing the abilities, activities and the personality of the trainee. This rarely happens for example it happened 4 times in Under the law, the President of the Court of Appeal12 proposes the applicants to the Federal Ministry of Justice for an appointment as judge office candidates, after checking that the requirements are fulfilled. In theory, as has been mentioned above, the decision on selection and recruitment can be challenged in court, and it could be envisaged that such a challenge might be based on grounds like, for instance, that a proper ranking order of these elements does not exist, that decisions are still arbitrary, that a competitor does not fulfil as many requirements as the applicant does et cetera.

Kramer, Deutsche Richterzeitungp. For an excellent general reflexion, see G. The overall number of judges in Germany is approximately 20, and the total number of prosecutors about 5, The normal format can be summed up as follows: The task of justice administration is to guarantee the personal and material conditions for the working of the tribunals by applying the principles of legality, of expedience, of good management and of economy.

Their chance of being appointed as a judge or employed as a lawyer jurishenausbildungsgesetz the civil service, however, depends not only on their passing these two law examinations but also on how well they have passed them.