Cheiro’s Palmistry for All has ratings and 4 reviews. Tina said: One of the concise and easy to read books on palmistry by the master himself. Recomm. Cheiro was a renowned palmist whose world travels gained attention in the press and whose palm readings for the rich and famous of his day, including Mark. It will thus be seen that, viewing palmistry from this standpoint alone, it becomes a study not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those.

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During his career, he was celebrated for using these forms of divination to make personal predictions for famous clients and to foresee world events.

Palmistry: The Language of the Hand by Cheiro

He did not love anyone. An astrologer needs exact birth details to cast a birth chat. I have every confidence that if they are carefully studied, no student can fail to grasp this subject in [Pg 9] a masterful manner, and that whoever acts upon the advice I give in these pages, cannot fail to become successful as an interpreter of this study.

But palmistrt is a hard thing to combat, and, in consequence, a study which could render untold aid to humanity has been neglected in modern times. Under the first finger the period of the life indicated is the first 21 years, the second period contains another section of the three 7’s, and lasts until 42 years of age; the third period of 7’s which will be found under [Pg 26] the third finger indicates the section from 49 to 63, and the fourth section palmistey takes in the remainder of the hand, under the fourth finger, stands for the period from 70 up to the end.

Somehow, my father had good terms with him and they met on several occasions.

When only one deep, straight line is found across the hand from side to side, the two lines both Head and Heart appear to blend together. Out of 1, students in college, he had still palmkstry met me or recognized me. King Humbert of Italy Source: In some hands [Pg 39] it is broad and shallow on the surface of the hand, in others it is deep and fine; the appearance of this line is very often deceptive, and leads students astray when they have not had their attention called to its appearance.


They do not seem to know what fear means in any sense—they are dangerous lovers and husbands to trifle with, for they will stop at nothing if their blood is once roused. They love to read or write books on the subject of the “sex problem,” but they are not inclined to put their theories and ideas into practice, at least with their own lives.

It becomes a study not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those natural laws that we observe in the shaping of the even inanimate objects, which, by demonstrating the effect of a heretofore cause, are in themselves the cause of a hereafter effect.


Palmistry: The Language of the Hand

Cheiro was alert to palmishry reveal his true system. He also handed him copy of the act, which read as under. I was taken to his cell in Sing Sing prison.

Jitendra Solanki rated it it was ok Sep 26, Post was not sent – check papmistry email addresses! His line of heart is long. He certainly had a double life. Hriday rated it it was ok Sep 27, The help is taken from the quick glance at birth chart or his hand. Thanks palmostry telling us about the problem. When the first part of the little line taking it upward from the Line of Marriage is marked with a small “island,” such a child will be very delicate in its early life, but if the line appears well marked when the “island” is passed, the probability is that it will grow up strong and healthy.

Dividing line of head in 7 sections, the 3 rd section will tell you about the stress brought about palmistrg nervous system due to financial problems or its absence.

Again, I have often seen it look deeper and more ominous as the wear and tear, especially of the nervous system, began to make itself manifest, or when the subject over-taxed his mental keeo.

Jun 16, Hunter R. He earned and saved enough money enabling him to return to UK. When very low down on the hand, almost touching the Line of Head, the heart will always interfere with the affairs of the head.

Cheiro, a mysterious Palmist

Many celebrities, dignitaries and continental royal class vied with each other to have good terms with him. Lady Arthur Paget, dressed as Cleopatra for a costume Party. It should be borne in mind that, by lying as it does on that part of the hand above the Line of Head, it is consequently on the portion of the hand that relates to mental characteristics and not to the physical.


There is a major line from the line of life which merges into the earlier part of line of fate. In the first place, this peculiar type of person appears to be so rare in life that he seems to palmitsry no companions and for that reason has always the feeling of being intensely lonely and isolated from others. These people have, however, as a rule, wonderfully kind, affectionate dispositions. Apart from other things, Cheiro told him that he would lose his reputation because of a steamy love affair in future.

If, on the contrary, the Palmidtry of Head is found exactly in the same position on the right hand as on the left, or even very nearly so, the student can be sure that there was little or no strain in the early years, but that the subject had easy conditions which [Pg 12] were favourable, and which allowed him to develop his natural bent of Mentality.

Inthe University of Tampa Press issued a critical new edition of his fictional work, A Study of Destinyas iero second volume of the series Insistent Visions — a series dedicated to reprinting little-known or neglected works of supernatural fiction, science fiction, mysteries, or adventure stories from the 19th century.

Even the cleverest people with this sign seem to rein themselves in too tightly, and are always inclined to undervalue their capabilities and talents.

Palmistry for all, by Cheiro.

My tympanic membrane was ruptured. To me it was torture to see that poor wretch before me, to feel his cold clammy hands touching mine, and see his hollow eyes hungry for a word of comfort.

When he accidently had a look at her hands.