Kobudo Tonfa. £ £ Click the image to see the full canvas artwork. Selected artwork from the Hooded Arts clothing range are available as striking box. Weapon training class at the Santa Ana dojo during the month of September will be Tonfa. Any questions regarding Kobudo class, please speak with Senpai.

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A form known as nunti sai, sometimes called manji sai due to its appearance resembling the swastika kanji has the two shorter prongs pointed in opposite directions. Typically, two tonfa were used in vertical and horizontal millstones with projecting knobs inserted into sockets on either side of the stone.

They can be made of any hard material but are predominantly found in aluminium, iron, steel, or wood. The same strikes and blocks used in kobudo are used in karate with some minor modifications. A small group of our students who tested for certification meaning they have reached a level of expertise with this weapon that is considered expert have shown they understand kihon basic strikes, blocks and throwsthey demonstrated all three of our Seiyo Shorin-Ryu tonfa kata, demonstrated bunkai applications from the kataused to tonfa as a self-defense weapon against attackers armed with clubs, poles and knives, and also demonstrated kumite sparring defending with a pair of tonfa against attackers wielding a bo 6-foot pole.

Members also train in kobujutsu, or better known as samurai weapons.

It is a weapon which can be easily hidden prior to use, and due to this fact can be koubdo effective. The tonfa, the classical night stick also referred to as the PR and side-handle baton, has been used by law enforcement agencies around the globe, but few officers really know how to use this baton.

Hausel poses for Hall of Fame induction photo at the.


The bo was also possibly used as the handle to a rake or a shovel. This is one of many kobudo weapons that is used at the Arizona Hombu dojo in ChandlerMesa and Gilbert in the east valley of Phoenix. George Mumford from Boston, trains with tonfa at the. If you are looking for something to do each week that requires only a good nature, come join us at 60 W.

The tekko is usually made to the width of the hand with anything between one and three protruding points on the knuckle front with protruding points at the top and the bottom of the knuckle.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As with all Okinawan weapons, many of the forms are reflective of “empty hand” techniques.

Arizona’s Guide to Tonfa – Martial Arts Weapon of Self-Defense

Noteworthy hallmarks are the slight point at the tip, curve to one side of the paddle and a roof-like ridge along the other. Leather cords are used for practice or kumite, whereas chains are favored for demonstration, but rope most commonly of hemp was the original material used. The nunti bo is similar to a spear, but typically composed of a bo with a manji-shaped sai mounted on the end.

But the weapons-based fighting that they secretly practiced and the types of weapons they practiced with had strong Chinese roots, and examples of similar weapons have been found in China, Malaysia and Indonesia [3] pre-dating the Okinawan adaptations.

It is a generic term coined in the twentieth century. Some individual schools may teach additional weapons not necessarily taught by others in their system.

Junior Kobudo – Tonfa – Genbu-Kai News

The kobudo traditions were shaped by indigenous Okinawan techniques that were modified from imported methods principally tonra China. After this is accomplished a student can apply for kobudo certification from Soke Hausel.

So what is a tonfa? It is used for blocking, striking and hooking. The weapon is metal and of the truncheon class with its length dependent upon the forearm of the user.


I suspect there was some influence by Heimin societies, simply because it is often discussed in Okinawan folklore and also these kobudo weapons were tools of trade for the commoner, something a member of the high society of Okinawa Pechin would likely have ignored.

Possibly because of the unique ‘traditional setting and atmosphere of the dojo’ – and much of the training is in Japanese. However, modern martial arts scholars have been unable to find historical backing for this story, and the evidence uncovered by various martial historians points to the Pechin Warrior caste in Okinawa as being those who practiced and studied various martial honfa, rather than the Heimin, or commoner.

Okinawan kobudō

As a result, as a law-enforcement weapon, the tonfa became awkward and under-used. Professional boxing Professional kickboxing Knockdown karate Mixed martial arts Pankration Submission wrestling.

The techniques of the two arts are closely related in some styles, evidenced by the empty-hand and weapon variants of certain kata: Views Read Edit View history. It is true that Okinawans, under the rule of foreign powers, kobufo prohibited from carrying weapons or practicing with them in public.

However, few law enforcement agencies other than in Japan trained more than a few hours with tonfaor the side-handle baton, making it less than effective with poorly trained police officers. The more advanced stage of koobudo with tonfa is using it in sparring jiyu kumite against armed opponents with a knife tantobohanbonunchakuetc. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use ttonfa Privacy Policy.

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