The La Marzocco Strada has independent boilers for each group which allows baristas to optimize temperature for multiple coffees. La Marzocco Strada Electronic Paddle (EP) – 1 Group is a new machine that allows the barista, for the first time, to have absolute and direct control of pressure at. Aug 1, I spent twice as much time on a bus as I did in the city and just as much time walking as I did at the La Marzocco Strada EP event co-sponsored.

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First of all, let’s take a look at the possible advantages pressure profiling brings to the extraction process. Repeatable Pressure Profiling absolute and direct control of pressure at any point during extraction — with 4 programmable pressure profiles and one fly by wire mode per group. Part of our mission at the La Marzocco Cafe is to showcase the breadth and diversity of specialty coffee to our guests e Seattle and to those who travel here on their coffee adventures.

To steal some language from espresso grinders, this model of the Strada has stepless pressure adjustment.

Here are some of the most popular. As more coffee roasters began moving toward direct trade and relationship coffees, we realized there was a need for a more stable, reliable and versatile machine that enabled them to showcase the very best of these coffees. For so long the magic number for pressure has been 9 bars at seconds.

The machine is now here and is slowly popping up at cutting-edge cafes around the U. The Strada platform has been designed to encourage creativity and customization so that each machine can be unique.

Auto Back-flush Program automatic cleaning program. Call us at The profiles act independently of the boiler temperature to strwda the barista the ability to further play with the temperature after they’ve locked in a profile.

The barista can then store up to four different profiles. Furthermore, the barista could create two different profiles for their main blend.


Strada EP – La Marzocco

Please enter correct email Thanks for Subscribing!! Thanks to The Coffee Collective and Welcoming Seesaw Coffee Part of our mission at the La Marzocco Cafe is to showcase the breadth and diversity of specialty coffee to our guests in Seattle and to those who travel here on their coffee adventures.

Cavendish series Palm Tampers Traditional tampers. As pioneers for specialty coffee in China, Seesaw is […]. Now for the fun part, dreaming about the possibilities of the Strada EP within the context of a cafe. With the ability to save four profiles on the Strada EP, the barista could set a different profile for each coffee they offer.

La Marzocco Strada: First Impression – Prima Coffee

No not a Strat but a Strada. Performance Touch Steam Wands high performing steam wands that are cool to the touch. It would then follow that lowering the pressure oa into the final seconds of the shot could help guard against over-extraction. Along with more control over pre-infusion, those are a couple of examples of how pressure profiling can positively contribute to the evolution of espresso.

We may not fully understand the capabilities of this technology yet, but we know that the future of espresso is bright, sweet, balanced Adjustable, Deep Drip Trays Accommodates a variety of cup sizes. We’ll look more at the possibilities this opens up below. Gear Pumps EP only One gear pump per group delivers stable, dependable pressure control.

But from what I can tell, the Strada has a boiler per group and a pump per group. La Marzocco set out to design the Strada EP Electronic Paddle because of a shift in the market by providing the barista full control over the brewing process as never before. As mentioned above, the added bonus of the geared pump is the controlled, incremental pressure adjustments that can be made through the duration of the shot.

Matt, I’m not sure if you’re still monitoring this post, but I’ll pose this question anyway. Many roasters have to adapt their roast to take into effect how the espresso blend will taste both by itself and with milk. Saluting the year with a big thank you, it is a pleasure to celebrate coffee with you everyday. So why go through the hassle? I didn’t have nearly enough time to test and play around with the Strada at the event, but from the shots I did taste and a general familiarity with the affects of the various parameters on the extraction process, I can imagine some of the possibilities the Strada opens up.


Exposed Saturated Groups increased temperature stability, ergonomics and workspace visibility. Improving on the ability to go from a pre-infusion pressure level to full pressure, the EP model gives you precise and progressive pressure control.

Sign in for quickest checkout. The Electronical Paddle assures absolute and direct control of pressure at any point during the extraction and it is manually controlled by the barista. Closing up the year in style. Personalized Colors customizable colors based on the RAL color system, on request. That being said, the ability to save profiles has giving more stability to pressure profiling and the more people experiment with the effects of this technology on the shot, the more converts there will be.

La Marzocco Strada: First Impression

These profiles map the pressure profile and time of extraction to allow the barista to reproduce the profile they deem ideal for the particular coffee and grind. As has been done with the Slayer Espresso Machine and it’s variable pressure profiling, I’m looking forward to more experimentation with lower pressure turbulence at longer shot times and its stdada on nuances in the shot.

Does this mean that you could pull shots from multiple groups without any decrease in stdada Electronically controlled gear pumps provide precise, direct pressure control.