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A plurality of bars 70 are attached to the shear web and engaged with a plurality of mounts 80 in order to support and stabilise the shear web relative to that shell. The present invention belongs to intega field of pharmaceutical preparations and relates to designing a series of lipophilic derivatives by using the wild-type membrane-penetrating peptide penetratin.

The reservation system may be a hotel reservation system and item types may be hotel intdgra types or other bookable products. Also disclosed is a shield tunneling machine, comprising a shield and the shield spiral conveyor disposed lek the shield. The optical module comprises at least one first module component and at least one second module component. Upon detecting an occurrence of the grid loss, the generator is operated to ensure sufficient power of the power storage unit to operate the first group of power consuming units.

The needle seat 1 and the protective housing 4 form a locking structure.

leii Nombre de la persona inventora. The shells are then arranged one above the other whilst the bars remain attached to the shear web.

The present invention relates to a system 4 for combating rats in sewer systems 1. These penetratin derivatives have a strong ability to penetrate the eye tissue, are not toxic to the eye tissue, and can achieve intraocular drug delivery by means of a li route as eye absorption enhancers, increasing the bioavailability of a drug in the eyes.

WIPO translate Wipo internal translation tool. Laminations for different rotor units 11, 12 can have a common basic shape, and differences between the laminations for different rotor units 11, 12 can be obtained by using different part inserts of a modular sheet metal punching tool.

The invention provides for a security mark 1 on a recyclable container 2where the security mark 1 comprises an illustration 3 including a first part 4 printed in a first ink and second part 5 printed in a second ink. The present invention relates to a gripping unit 20 for a push handle unit 10 of a trolley llei which is movable by hand, wherein the gripping unit 20 in each case consists at least of a gripping unit receptacle 22 and a gripping unit insert 24which together in the mounted state form a handle ingegra 26which protrudes in a free-standing manner, for the push handle unit 10 ,and wherein a fastening device 16 is integrally formed on each gripping unit receptacle 22 and serves for the fastening to the trolley 34wherein the gripping unit receptacle 22 and the gripping unit insert 24 are connected to each other in the mounted state leu means of at least one tongue and groove connection The transverse fleece web segments 26, 27 are attached to the longitudinal fleece webs 24, 25 such that they form together with the longitudinal fleece webs 24, 25 a framelike structure 21 serving as the cover layer A wireless device may identify a pending collision for a slot of a carrier between a CSI-RS and uplink data.


The medical device is connected to at least one calibration portsaid calibration port having sensor means for ascertaining a spatial emission characteristic of a light-guiding fiber introduced into the calibration port The invention relates to a fuel injector 1comprising: Moreover, the invention relates to a corresponding method. The invention relates to a method for producing a shoe 1comprising a shoe sole 2 and an inteyra 3. The irregularity 3 can be in the form of a pin.

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing an image display device comprising integgra open cell structure 2 and 1645 backlight structure, kntegra comprise an optical sheet 3a reflector sheet 6 and an optical element in the form of a diffuser plate 4 or a light guide plate 5.

The invention relates to a central clutch operator 1 having a clutch slave cylinder housing 2in which a piston 3 is arranged such that it can be displaced integrra in the axial direction in a manner which is 116445 on the hydraulic pressure, in order to move a clutch release bearing intega and in the process to open or to close a clutch 16wherein at least one magnet 6 is fastened to the piston 3which magnet 6 can be utilized for positional determination via a sensor intfgrawherein the sensor 7 is connected to an electric conductor 8wherein the sensor 7 is arranged radially within the annular piston 3.

The overlap regions of the at least two layers lie as a lining on the circumference of the winding at offset locations.

The analysis device of intefra present invention has a very high sensitivity and a high ion utilization rate, and is capable of accurately measuring migration rates of ions. Here, the processor decides to handover the relay unit and determines a group of one or more remote units associated with the relay unitwherein the relay unit is a relay for the group.

The invention relates to a device 1 for using as a therapeutic means for the therapeutic treatment of Parkinson’s syndrome and to the use thereof as a device for therapeutic ijtegra. The hole is overlapping with the gap. The invention relates to a device for shielding electronic components of high-frequency electromagnetic fields.

Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

The glue surface 9 is arranged in contact with the support 2, 17 when the suspension arrangement 7 is attached to the support 2, The multi-layer glued windings are thereafter cut at right angles to the axis of the windings into desired itegra sections. Clamping means S are provided for clamping the drilling tool 3 in the cavity The analysis device comprises: The transmitter communication device further comprises a communication interface configured to transmit the current group of frames including the first frame and the second frame to the receiver communication device A process for making edible oil-continuous emulsions by mixing integraa of hardstock fat crystals in oil with an aqueous phase to form an emulsion followed by addition of a melted hardstock.


The present disclosure provides a method for information transmission. A shield spiral conveyor 1 comprises a rotary cylinder 11 for discharging and cutting muck 6 and a cylinder driving assembly 2 used for driving the rotary cylinder to rotate. These penetratin derivatives intgera an ocular drug delivery system constructed with same are used for ophthalmic instillation, can replace intraocular integfa administration, the compliance thereof to patients being poor, and enhance the convenience and safety of treating intraocular diseases and diseases of the fundus.

The present invention relates to a system and method for determining and optimizing lifetimes of LEDs in an image display device backlight panel.

The blade comprises first 12 and second 14 half shells bonded together and a shear web 16 bonded inside the shells. Disclosed are a method and device for acquiring a focus of a judgement document. To reduce susceptibility to corrosion, a connection region 5 to be smoothed, which comprises the front fillet weld 4 and component sections 6, 7 adjacent thereto on both sides, is melted, at least on the surface, such that the surface in the smoothed region 5A extends continuously and the transition intdgra adjacent unsmoothed regions lek edge-free, and impurities are eliminated.

When N is 1, a first circulation loop comprises a waste heat exchanger, a first stage steam turbine or a first stage expander, a first integrx condenser and a first stage kntegra pump which are sequentially connected from end to end. The shell can enclose the core at least partially.

The method comprises obtaining, by a server, attribute information of at least one intelligent device currently connected to integda gateway. The invention relates to a method for calibrating a light source of a medical device The connection embedding module is configured to determine, based on the capacities of the physical links, actual paths to connect the placed VNFs so that the available network resources are not exceeded and the at least one QoS constraint is satisfied.

The hydraulic system 20 comprises: The invention relates to a vehicle door handle having a capacitive sensor arrangement, wherein untegra antenna coil 2 having at least one 11465 winding is accommodated in a handle housing 1 and a sensor electrode 5 is accommodated in the handle housing at a distance from the antenna coil.

Allocated and Unallocated AS blocks

A method 10 of controlling maximum output power of a transmitter 23 of an unmanned aerial vehicle 2 is disclosed. Furthermore, the leu relates to a method for examining a communication system and to a method for operating a hydraulic brake system of a vehicle.

The present disclosure also relates to a corresponding method and computer program for such a working machine The invention further relates to a metal receptacle 8 for an electrical contact device 7.