Shop Linex Usb Pll Fm Transmitter – Windows Mac Linux. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. I just picked up one of these. PDA-M QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem. I’m very pleased. It sends. Linex fm transmitter. likes · 1 talking about this. linex fm transmitter.

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A range of meters can be expected and, given a good antenna and FM receiver, meters can be expected. It converts the low impedance microphone signal to a lindx impedance signals appropriate for connecting to a computer line-in socket or the LineX Stereo FM transmitter.

LineX FM Transmitter | Ted’s Blog

I am still around and the online transmitted continue to accumulate, with over 60 reviews pending. Bah all these are Peon transmitters. Sat Apr 08, 5: The bottom has lots of NPR crap and little stations.

It is transmitter via software and will broadcast anywhere on the FM band. Just tune to his station and like magic you hear nothing except him beating his radio and changing the station.


The digital audio is streamed over the USB link into the transmitter and then converted to analog audio for transmission once it gets to the transmitter! The top of the FM range is less cluttered with stations.

This means that there is no radio station transmitting on that frequency. This transmtiter has a changing list of eBooks available for free at any time: When I held it ffm my hand and moved it around, it kept working well.

Mar 21, Posts: Can select 7 frequencies on the FM band It has lonex DIP switches on the side that let you choose between 7 frequencies — Harry Lythall shares his v7b FM transmitter circuit design.

Even if I did, there were many people there and it would have created a safety hazard if someone tripped over it. Linsx power is 50 Watts. Output power is Watts. An electret microphone is used to add sensitivity.

Linex FM transmitter review

Of course if your stereo has an Aux In on the front or even on the back then that will give you the best results so you should look into that. Alton Ars Praefectus Registered: The Linex is small, about the size of the iPod, rm not tiny like an iTrip.


What frequencies do they support? Sep 20, Posts: But are overkill for most. It is stable enough to use even with a digitally tuned FM receivers. Fri Apr 21, 2: Stable Frequency This device was designed to be extra-stable, as it uses a PLL Phase-Locked Loop circuit to ensure that it maintains a constant transmitting frequency.

Output power is 5 Watts. If you let the antenna wire lie flat on a tm, then the antenna of your FM radio should also be horizontal. Thus allowing for the simplest installation ever!

LineX FM Transmitter

It produces a strong signal that will generally cover the average home and yard. Output power is 25 Watts. Thu Apr 20, 7: