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On special order, hours of burn-in to MethodCondition A, can also be performed. The transistor switch with current-limiting resistor scheme used in Sprague gas discharge display drivers also minimizes problems associated with gas panel arcing which can destroy programmable current cir- cuits.

The rule-of-thumb generally applied uses the suggested d-c current – multiplied by the number of digits in the display. There are problems associated with a non-standard configuration lack of sockets and higher prices and the smaller physical size will not aid the quest for higher power LEDs.

Although not widely known, these quad driver units were developed quite independently and simultaneously to the ubiquitous TI series of high-speed, low- voltage peripheral drivers. The use of TTL in such a manner is not recommend- ed due to the higher currents and resultant high level of package power dissipation.

Datasheer devices have included gain-control stages, output drivers, and voltage regulators.

LM National Semiconductor Phase-locked Loop ChipFind Datasheet Archive |

T5 should present a source impedance to the device of approximately Q for optimal stability. Less oscillator drive required eatasheet with FET l1391n, 4. The detector in the F-M mode is a four- quadrant analog mutliplier operating in the high-level injection mode. These de- vices are suitable for voltage, current, and gain levels beyond the limits of other monolithic buffers and arrays.

All four devices incorporate input current limiting resistors and output suppression di- odes.

1986_RCA_Linear_Integrated_Circuits 1986 RCA Linear Integrated Circuits

The Sprague con- tribution to this market is this series of state-of-the- art interface ICs. Balanced inputs eliminate ground loops which can cause stray coupling paths in discrete mixers. The planar gas discharge display is a long way from ob- scurity, and the availability of this family of ICs should open up new areas as well as satisfying existing systems.


The UCNA is capable of unipolar drive without external active devices, either in a full-step mode pin 11 Monostable RC tied highor in a double-step mode pin 11 connected to RC timing. Further increases in power dissipation can be obtained by attaching an external heat sink to the webbed leads. No unique precautions are necessary when designing with the ULNA power am- plifier. Three balanced stages of I-F amplification and limiting, each with its own level detector, and a double-balanced quadrature detector give the system high gain and effective common-mode rejection.

Quality is verified by testing. P D is derated at the rate of 8. The three examples that have been shown for LED interface represent only a very-small portion of the total applications area.

In automotive and communications applications, low-level injection with the mute detector fatasheet permits operation of the F-M detector as an analog multiplier. The panel is basically a neon-filled capacitor, and has plates electrodes which are covered with the dielectric – between which is the neon mixture. Typical time between strobe activation and output off to on transition ns F.

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Outputs can be paralleled for higher current capability. Diode leakage current measured at Vr. Improvements in silicon device technology have brought about a grow- ing number of monolithic circuits capable of power considerably in excess of present package technology. Pin 10 may require an external resistor 2 kQ minimum to ground to prevent audio rectification with some capacitive loads.

The higher voltage displays gas-discharge, vacuum fluorescent, a-c plasma, and d-c electroluminescent may share some circuits if appropriately planned and designeddatsheet larly in the dwtasheet of matrix displays.

To no surprise, the resulting chips were at best capable of performance no better than the parent discrete design, and with the uneconomical displacement of three discrete transistors with one integrated circuit. Sprague CMOS devices feature input static protection but are still susceptible to damage when ex- posed to extremely high static electrical charges.


Keep appropriate distance between the input pin 1 and the input network and the phase shift network pins 8,9, and 10, and the phase shift inductor. The bipolar outputs are suitable for use with relays, solenoids, stepping motors, LED or incandescent displays, and other high-power loads.

Note that the oscillator input can be to either pin 7 or pin 8the R-F input to either pin 9 or pin 10, to suit the circuit board layout. Included in this series of high voltage interface are two digit driver packages: This mode of operation dramatically re- duces off-station noise without sacrificing gain.

A typical data-input timing chart for this config- uration is shown in Figure 9. The ULNZ does not include the high-voltage shutdown, allowing operation with supply voltages up to 28 V. Lm1391j ULNA datasheer amplifier stage has other input considerations to be taken into account for best results.

A — 2X or -3X device can also be used by parallel- ing the equivalent tuner load with a fixed resistor to present an 2 load or a 2 load.

Since I is lm1391h the base drive current for Q42, the ratio of available base drive current I to idling current is proportional to the ratio of the emitter areas of Q49 to Q Improved plastic DIP resistance to moisture and corrosive environments.

The bipolar open-collector outputs can be used with relays, solenoids, motors, LED or incan- descent displays, and other high-power loads. A typical application appears in Figure Many calculator interface schemes use con- siderable numbers of components 70 to typically to drive gas discharge panels.