(மச்சம் பலன்கள்)Meanings of Moles tells the secret about your moles on face or moles your body. A mole on body can be lucky and. பெண்களின் மச்ச பலன்கள் Macha Palangal For Female In Tamil on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News. (மச்சம் பலன்கள்)Meanings of Moles tells the secret about your moles on.

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Ankle – A sharing nature, a sense of humor.

Download Moles Astrology The Secret Of Moles Macha Palangal Latest version apk |

Macha can also mean: Ribs left – Lazy, humorous. Mole on the lips signifies greed but benevolence. Nipple – Fickle and unfaithful. Heel – Mentally and physically active. Create your page here. Buttocks – Total lack of ambition. Finger – Dishonest, prone to exaggerate, unable to face reality. The Macha area is populated by traditional villagers, living in small scattered homesteads which usually consist of one extended family.

Good fortune is indicated in later life.

Should marry someone placid. Back – Frank with an inquiring mind. Usha Zarina Wahab comes to her sister’s house for relief from a terrible tragedy of her life which is the accidental death of her lover Ravi played by Shankar. Monday, 31 December A mole on the palangql is a sign of a rover.


Moles on the left side of the nose middle indicate a changeable nature. Navel – Great good fortune. Mole – A small congenital pigmented spot on the skin. Four comments Mole – A small congenital pigmented spot on the skin.

Abdomen – Voracious, intemperate and self-indulgent. Mole on the left temple indicates a tendency to be spendthrift and horsetrong. A number of figures called Macha appear in Irish mythologylegend and historical tradition, all believed to derive from the same deity. Shoulder left – Easily satisfied. These combinant letters are formed by adding a vowel marker to the consonant. Mole on or near the corner of the eye. My left leg knee backside I have a triangle shaped light dark by birth and moles on it.

Moles on the chin show conscientious, common sense and artistic ability.

This means that your comment will not be visible until it has been approved by an editor. Beware of ill health.

Written by muthuveerappan Sunday 30 October at Mole on inside and outside of the ear. This person bewares of lightening and food poisoning.


பெண்களின் மச்ச பலன்கள் macha palangal for Female in tamil

Such people should guard against accidents in their middle age. Here are few links you can have a look at http: Arm right – Adversity in early life, contentment in old age. The script is syllabicnot alphabetic. The topography of the area is somewhat undulating, primarily open savannah woodland averaging 1, meters above sea level. Tamil Tamil may refer to: She is said to have given her name to the city of Armagh Ard Mhacha —”Macha’s high place” — where she was buried.

You should beware of fire and water in your youth. Various sources record a second Macha as the wife of Nemedleader of the second settlement of Ireland after the flood. Groin left – Frail.