Mackie VLZ4 Series Compact Mixers is the original no-nonsense mixer series featuring Mackie’s flagship Onyx mic preamps. Find great deals for Mackie VLZ3 4-channel Ultra Compact Mixer W Power Supply. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Mackie & VLZ3 While large consoles may attract all the longing glances, the reality is that many studios now can do without them, but there remains a.

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Mackie relentlessly pursues the perfection of the compact mixer.

Mackie VLZ & VLZ Mixer Review

Did I mention that the sound of the Mackie preamps was so good, I kept thinking that I was hearing the Summit pres? Sorry, didn’t mean to shout, but I really do. From every input to every output, VLZ4 is optimized to deliver professional-quality results each and every time. Skip to forum content. Had the Mackie not shown up when it did, there would have been no gig for my band—or at least plenty of pandemonium trying to get me set up.

Will easily fit in your mmackie. Strict attention to component quality has led to innovations like our custom M80 op-amps and class-leading negative summing bus architecture. Trying to find a small-format mixer that sounds like the big boys has been near-impossible till now. You are not logged in.


It’s Thursday—night before the gig—our dress rehearsal. The new Mackie VLZ series changes all that. Suffice to say, everything came together and we “punted posterior and accepted billing information”—all thanks to the Mackie VLZ3. It is ideal for live performers who need one stereo source for their main audio, and 1 other mmackie source for a backup source or something else to use in conjunction with your main audio feed.

Durability It’s built pretty solid. If you have a small computer-based recording setup, either of these mixers will do, but I’d recommend the VLZ3 hands-down for the small home studio. That is pretty much the only thing I could negatively say about this mixer.

Finally, I could actually play music instead of controls. I liked the greater amount of control the offered—and I didn’t know what I’d be facing at the jam.

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To understand clipping, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the electronic systems in which the audio signal travels.

Only runs on provided power supply.

You would just be able to EQ one source only. The only issue I had was a bit of disappointment with this “Artist” modeling pedal I had bought recently—I couldn’t get it to sound right. Personal Experiences Sounds great and it is super compact. It’s Friday night, our turn to play, and setup was a nightmare—I had no amps mackiee plug into.


Mackie 402VLZ3 4-channel Ultra Compact Mixer W Power Supply

Still a great quality mixer! The one thing i like about mackies versus other budget mixers is that you have a little boost after 12 oclock if you need it when playing out. Wouldn’t hesitate one bit to make it my main gigging mixer. If I had just the guitar and one stereo synth, the VLZ3 would have easily done the trick. I can’t tell you what a mxckie it was 402vl3 have the For those who don’t know, Summit makes high-end studio gear.

Also, I had no idea what the backline amps would look like. Size Super small and compact!

The very definition of an analog compact mixer, Mackie VLZ4 is the original do-it-yourself and be sure it sounds great mixing solution. Meanwhile, the FOH engineer comes to help out. Everything was under control and I heard a clean, professional sound. Keep in mind that there’s absolutely makcie difference in sound quality between the two.