A new printing of Steven Youell’s lecture notes, originally from * The Card Trick That The Hacker Stack A new idea in memorized stack work. Powerful. is this still available from Steven Youell? For a while, the “Hacker Stack” was offered as a free download, but that offer has long since been. Originally Posted by Steven Youell I use Si Stebbins as a Called it the Hacker Stack and published around 15 years ago. So you shuffle into.

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You say earlier on that you’ve got no interest in having a discussion based on the points I youlel about your card technique that you champion, yet when I talk instead about your general attitude, you complain about that as well.

A few more faros and I’m back to my starting stack. I imagine I’ll make more in the future. Second, on this dvd John palms with the opposite hand than most of us do I am left-handed, as he is, yet palm right-handedso this may or may not lead to confusion where intricacies are involved. It’s a simple shuffle formula that takes about 30 Seconds. Or decreases by 3 depending on whether you tthe moving up or down in the stack.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Is this “stack” published?

Things were going great until I messed it thr In fact I went through the exact same thing as Andrew and know many others you have insulted for disagreeing about a card move. To me, sequential stacks based on rules or algorithms and doggerel verses are not memorized stacks. Here’s what the OP asked: Oh, she knows about glimpses too. Any experience with that one?

hacker stack – The Genii Forum

Mickey certainly makes nagic look easy, and he does it a kazillion times on the dvd. The citation is much appreciated.


So in summary, I’d suggest setting up a Si Stebbins deck and having a play with it. I struggled to find a copy in English at the time I got mine, but I was able to translate a german copy.

I think you’ll enjoy it Prodigy! Although I was careful on the ordering page to say “nearly all my commercial offerings”, I obviously did not do that in my signature on the Cafe. I find it rather hypocritical that you’re calling me on using the same “advantage” as you’re using. Many of these stacks are excellent concepts with brilliant thinking.

How are your opinions and your “Facts” any more or less verifiable than anyone else’s here? Steven, just today, wrote in support for the actions I’ve taken to try to stop the unethical marketing practices that a local magician has been perpetrating.

Good luck with it Liam57 — johnny. I feel like I know you now. That’s simply not true. I have also learned the first half of the Juan Tamariz Mnemonica. If your URL is correct, you’ll see an image preview here. They are all pretty much easy depending on your style and how much work you are willing to do.

I’ve written an essay on the topic: You understood my post very well but make it look like it is my own decision to be bitter. This gives me the ability of having the power of both a Mem Deck and the Si Stebbins. These are some of the epithets you have leveled at me in public: Log me in automatically on each visit.

They are defined by how they recover from them. When she was a nipper she learned a trick that uses one and has busted me glimpsing on another effect.

Large images may take a few minutes to appear. I’ll repeat it here in the hopes you might actually care more about facts than you do spewing hate. I’m not sure if you are referring to the Skinner “stack” already mentioned, but, if I am understanding your question correctly, then John Cornelius may just have what you are looking hacksr.


Additionally, you have not demonstrated or provided any evidence that me reporting a post or violation of Cafe rules has any more leverage than the average member of the Cafe. He frequently journeys to and performs magic in Little Stevne, the local name for extreme southern Illinois, where the towns bear such names as Cairo, Thebes, and Karnak.

So if anyone wants to verify what I’ve just said, please PM me. Other people in the thread made it clear that they understood my intent. It’s a memorized youlel just like any other.

He accuses you of trashing his business, commenting on a color you have never seen in a context, dismissing what other people have said about this color and so on Thus far the only factual evidence you have provided for your numerous claims are a few private messages from me to you.

That sort of stifling dynamic has also led to the banning of several Cafe members who’ve tried to confront you on your nonsense. There are a couple easy rules to follow to get at the next card in the stack so you can do any Osterlind BCS-type tricks before going into the finale, which is to faro 3 times and you’ve apparently “unshuffled” the deck. PM me if you’d like to discuss how it works.

Let alone anyone else you mentioned. OR I can leverage both at the same time. Si Stebbins is my favourite stack. Steven Keyl Inner circle Washington, D. While I don’t agree with a number of things he has said, I do understand his prerogative, which is why I don’t necessarily agree he is an “authority in bad magic.

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